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0What do WE mean by "copilot"?

At its most basic, a copilot uses enterprise-supplied knowledge and generative AI models to author text, write code or render images, often by reasoning over human supplied prompts. Across these modalities, the AI is used to assist a human directly with a specific task. That's what makes it a copilot.

This basic capability emerges in copilots which power these scenarios:

  • Knowledge Management: Help users quickly find the information they seek and deliver at the right level and in the right format. Examples include summarization, rephrasing, or retargeting to address a persona (e.g., explain it like I'm five), sentiment analysis and recommendations.
  • Analytics: Help users quickly get to the data-driven insights they seek. Examples include recommendations, predictions, anomaly detection, statistical analysis, and data querying and reporting.

1Why is FoundationaLLM needed?

The core challenges to delivering enterprise copilots are:

  • Enterprises want to start quickly with their copilot without compromising security, governance, and data.
  • Enterprise grade copilots are complex and have lots of moving parts.
  • The industry has a skills gap when it comes to filling the roles needed to deliver these complex copilot solutions.
  • The top AI risks (inaccuracy, cybersecurity, compliance, explainability, privacy) are not being mitigated.
  • Delivery of a copilot solution is time consuming, expensive, and frustrating.

2How does it work?

FoundationaLLM deploys a comprehensive and highly configurable copilot platform to a customer's cloud environment in minutes

  • Simplifies integration with enterprise data sources used by agent for in-context learning (e.g., enabling RAG, CoT and ReAct patterns)
  • Provides defense in depth with fine-grain security controls over data used by agent and pre/post completion filters that guard against attack.
  • Hardened solution attacked by an LLM red team from inception.
  • Scalable solution load balances across multiple LLM endpoints.
  • Extensible to new data sources and LLMs.

3FoundationaLLM provides a copilot in a box
FoundationaLLM provides a copilot in a box

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