Introducing FoundationaLLM: The Platform for Creating Trustworthy and Secure Enterprise Copilots, Powered by Solliance

October 13, 2023 - Originally published on EIN Presswire

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, October 13, 2023 -- Solliance, a global network of top-tier industry experts that deliver end-to-end, tailor-made AI and cloud-based solutions, announces the upcoming launch of FoundationaLLM: a groundbreaking platform to revolutionize how companies accelerate delivery of secure, trustworthy, enterprise copilots. FoundationaLLM significantly streamlines the development of secure knowledge management and analytic copilots, reducing delivery times from a year to as little as a few weeks.

AI is redefining what it means for industry leaders to remain viable and realize untapped potential. Companies of all sizes are eager to leverage large language models to enhance efficiency, elevate customer service and drive innovation. Zoiner Tejada, CEO and co-founder of Solliance says the lingering misconception about the technology is that all you need is a well-crafted prompt.

"There is a misconception that leveraging large language models to build a copilot is as easy integrating calls to the LLM endpoint into your application code and sending to that a well-crafted prompt. Nothing could be further from the truth. This approach alone does not yield trustworthy responses from the model that are properly grounded in current enterprise data, is not scalable, nor does it deliver a secure, governed, and compliant solution that is hardened against attack and mitigates data exfiltration concerns. Solving this properly requires infrastructure, usage of advanced LLM interaction patterns, and a platform that secures the end-to-end from the front door interacting with the user all the way to the back end controlling how enterprise data assets are accessed to support the model with in-context learning."

Building an effective LLM-powered solution involves implementing a complex platform with a set of skills not typically common to most enterprises. It requires hiring experts in natural language processing, vector embeddings, prompt engineering, LLM patterns and architectures. It then takes expertise in intelligently querying data sources and APIs from across the enterprise data estate. Done poorly, the process of building a copilot solution can be overly burdensome, costly and disappointing in its result.

"Building an enterprise copilot from scratch used to take months, but now with what we built at FoundationaLLM you can build a prototype knowledge management or data analytics copilot in a few hours and have an enterprise grade solution available in a month and know that it is following best practices. FoundationaLLM turns the enormous complexity of building enterprise copilot solutions into a predictable, iterative experience that lets developers focus on adding new business capabilities to the copilot instead of finding workarounds to the myriad of problems or navigating the choose your own adventure that is assembling a solution from the hundreds of open-source components out there."

FoundationaLLM is deployed within the enterprise cloud subscription so that the enterprise has complete control, ensuring proprietary data remains protected and uncompromised.

The response to this new offering has been met with welcomed anticipation by several Solliance customers and strategic partners, who are excited to accelerate their use of AI through the first-mover advantage of FoundationaLLM.

FoundationaLLM launches Tuesday, October 17th and will be open source. For more information about this new offering, powered by Solliance, visit

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FoundationaLLM provides a comprehensive, flexible solution to building a copilot with your choice of models and your data. It enables both course grain and fine grain security, to keep your models grounded only in what the user should be allowed to see.

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