Solliance Launches FoundationaLLM: The Platform for Creating Trustworthy and Secure Enterprise Copilots

October 17, 2023 - Originally published on EIN Presswire

Solliance, a global network of top-tier industry experts that deliver end-to-end, tailor-made AI and cloud-based solutions, today debuts FoundationaLLM - a groundbreaking platform to revolutionize how companies accelerate delivery of secure, trustworthy, enterprise copilots.

At its most basic, a copilot uses enterprise supplied knowledge and generative AI models to author text, write code or render images, often by reasoning over human supplied prompts. Across these modalities, AI is used to assist a human directly with a specific task. That's what makes it a copilot.

Companies are eager to leverage large language models (LLM) to enhance efficiency and drive innovation, but there is a misconception that building a copilot solution is as easy as crafting a perfect prompt. To rapidly deploy copilots without compromising security, privacy, governance and data integrity, the journey can be far longer and more costly than most expect. Organizations must overcome significant skills gaps, hiring experts in natural language processing, vector embeddings, prompt engineering, LLM patterns and architecture. It then involves building the infrastructure and securing the platform end-to-end, from the front-end of the user experience to controlling how enterprise data assets are accessed and incorporated behind the scenes to support the learning models.

FoundationaLLM addresses these challenges by providing a copilot in a box - delivering everything an enterprise needs to launch a secure copilot in weeks, instead of months. Our comprehensive and highly configurable platform can be deployed within an enterprise's cloud environment in minutes, simplifying integration with data sources, enhancing in-context learning and ensuring proprietary data remains protected. It simplifies and streamlines building knowledge management (e.g., question/answer agents that can paraphrase answers) and analytic (e.g., self-service business intelligence agents that query and report on data) copilots over the data sources present across your enterprise.

"If you've ever used ChatGPT and wondered, 'how could I quickly harness the full power of ChatGPT and make it work for my business, using my data without sacrificing governance or security?', we built FoundationaLLM for you."

FoundationaLLM is open source with a commercial license and is regularly tested by an LLM red team to ensure its resilience to threats. The security hardened platform offers fine-grain security controls and filters to protect sensitive data, and highly scalable solutions to balance workloads across multiple LLM endpoints and can be easily extended to accommodate new data sources.

"We saw a lot of folks reinventing the wheel just to get a customized copilot that was grounded and based its responses in their own data as opposed to the trained parametric knowledge of the model. Many of the solutions we saw made for great demos but were effectively toys wrapping calls to OpenAI endpoints- they were not something intended or ready to take into production in an enterprise environment. We built FoundationaLLM to provide a continuous journey, one that was quick to get started with so folks could experiment quickly with LLM's but not fall off a cliff after that with a solution that would be insecure, unlicensed, inflexible, and not fully featured enough to grow from the prototype into a production solution without having to start all over."

FoundationaLLM, powered by Solliance, has been highly anticipated by our customers and strategic partners excited to bring AI into their organization.

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About FoundationaLLM

FoundationaLLM provides a comprehensive, flexible solution to building a copilot with your choice of models and your data. It enables both course grain and fine grain security, to keep your models grounded only in what the user should be allowed to see.

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