Microsoft Azure and Solliance

Five weeks to wow: A bank's custom copilot

Lead by

Zoiner Tejada, CEO, Solliance and Kevin D. Johnson, Director of IT, Synovus Bank

with moderator Lino Tadros, Technical Evangelist, Solliance

APRIL 16, 2024
1:00p ET / 10:00a PT

For Synovus bank, successfully utilizing and deploying AI is a priority mandated by executive leadership. Their approach is mature and systematic - each initiative in AI is scoped to achieve success that unlocks more trust and confidence for the next effort and inspires future innovation with AI. As an early win, Synovus wanted to build a branded, custom copilot using Azure OpenAI that answers difficult questions about the business. It needed to respond in real-time and the copilot has a perpetual 11th hour need to be flexible to learn new things as new information becomes available. Attend this webinar to learn how Solliance, building upon the FoundationaLLM platform went from concept to high stakes proof of concept, deployed to the Synovus Azure environment, in five weeks. You'll gain insight into how the custom copilot was built, the experience using it and how performance was evaluated both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Zoiner Tejada
Kevin D. Johnson
Lino Tadros