Microsoft Azure and Solliance

World of Agents: Using FoundationaLLM to build intelligent agents in Azure

Lead by

Ciprian Jichici, GM AI & Data Practice, Chief Data Scientist, Solliance and Joel Hulen, GM Training Practice, Software Architect, Solliance

with moderator Lino Tadros, Technical Evangelist, Solliance

MAY 8, 2024
1:00p ET / 10:00a PT

Introducing FoundationaLLM (high level architecture)

FoundationaLLM - the fabric of Agents (+ demo)

The FoundationaLLM vectorization data pipeline (+ demo)

Measuring quality - strategy and approaches

Measuring completion quality with FoundationaLLM and Azure AI Studio (+demo)

Survival of the fittest - evaluating and selecting the best agent

Ciprian Jichici
Joel Hulen
Lino Tadros